Friday, June 3, 2011

The countdown begins...

Many thanks for such a positive response to this blog! 

We are getting closer!  There is a nervous energy that follows me around - it's probably just me. :)  My dad and I are to report to Presbyterian/St. Lukes Hospital at 5:30 am on Monday morning.  Our surgeries will begin around 7am.  We should both be done with the surgeries and out of recovery by about noon - barring nothing out of the ordinary happens.

This past Tuesday we had an extensive (long) meeting at the hospital.  My mom, dad, Chris and I were all there.  Seperately, my dad and I were able to meet and talk with our surgeons.  I really liked mine and he did much to put Chris' and my mind at ease.  He assured us that this is nothing new to him!  My dad felt comfortable with he surgeon as well.  We pretty much got the low down on everything that was going to happen... I won't bore you with the details.

I did find out one interesting thing.  Apparently, a donor is tested for 6 different criteria, which are called antigens, during the testing process.  I think this included things like the correct blood type, we had to have similar DNA, they mixed our blood together to make sure there wasn't an oil & water situation, etc.  Our coordinator told me on Tuesday that I was a 5 out of 6 match!  That is a pretty good match!

Thanks to the many of you who are keeping us in your prayers!  We need them and we feel loved by all of you.  I will try to get a post out to you on Monday afternoon - even if Chris has to post it for me. :-)

Blessings on your weekend!!


  1. Monica, I love that you are doing a blog. You and Rod have been heavy on my heart! I pray all goes perfectly on Monday. Enjoy your weekend:)

    How is that new nephew???

  2. Thanks, Monica, for this blog. You and your husband, mom and dad, are all in our prayers as we know this effects all of you so much. We entrust you all to the arms of our loving Savior.
    We love you and will be praying today and tomorrow and following and watching for updates.
    Dave and Mary Beth